Why Do Dogs Bury Their Bones?



Dogs have a natural instinct to bury things, which includes food such as bones. This instinct is believed to have evolved from their wild ancestors, who would bury their food to keep it safe from other predators and to store it for later consumption.

When dogs bury bones, they may be trying to hide the bone so that other animals or dogs cannot find it. This behavior is especially common in dogs that live in households with other dogs or pets. Dogs may also bury bones simply as a way to save them for later, much like we might put leftovers in the refrigerator for a later meal.

Another reason why dogs may bury bones is that they are instinctively wired to dig and bury things. In the wild, dogs would dig holes to create shelter, protect their young, or hide food. Even though domesticated dogs don't need to dig for survival, the behavior is still present in their DNA, and they may feel compelled to dig and bury things as a result.

Overall, dogs bury bones for a combination of reasons related to their natural instincts, including protection, saving for later, and digging and burying behaviors.

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