What should you feed your dog on Thanksgiving

What should you feed your dog on Thanksgiving

As the holidays approach, we all are preparing to eat some of our favorite foods with our family. What about our fur babies who look up to us for food at the table or sniff and graze around for any food to drop on the floor.  When celebrating the holidays, we need to be extra careful with what they eat on that day. Below we are going to feature foods that are safe for our pets to consume and foods that can send your pet to the Vet.  Along with some recipes that you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving dinner that your pets can enjoy.

Foods that are safe for your Pets

  • Turkey Meat.
    • Turkey Meat is a great snack for dogs to eat in moderation. Just make sure there is no skin, bones or gravy in it and your pet can go to town on some healthy low salt, not seasoning turkey. ( I usually boil my dog a turkey breast with carrots for his thanksgiving meal).
  • Plain fruits and veggies.
    • Fruits are an overall great thing for your pets to consume that can also provide some additional nutrients. Just make sure you are researching the fruit beforehand. Pumpkin, carrots, bananas, and apples are just a few of the yummy treats that you can feed fluffy this holiday season. Again, just do your research beforehand. 
  • Plain white bread.
    • As long as there's no butter on the roll, plain white bread is an okay thing for you to go ahead and give to your pet. 

Foods that are not safe for your dog or cat

  • Nuts -Dogs can not digest nuts properly and it can cause some severe intestinal issues. Macadamia Nuts are extremely dangerous to dogs.
  • Onions & Garlic - Kills your pets red blood cells and causes anemia
  • Grapes & Raisins - Can Cause kidney failure in dogs, the smallest amount can be harmful. 
  • Milk and other dairy products - too much dairy can cause really bad diarrhea.   
  • Chocolate - the theobromine in all chocolates (white, Milk and dark) causes bad vomiting and diarrhea, heart problems, tremors and seizures.
  • Xylitol - Sugar substitute that is very harmful to dogs and cats. 
  • Sugar and salt are dangerous in large amounts.

Aside from the above listed, there are tons of foods that Fluffy or Fido should not be consuming. These are some foods that are listed for the time of year we are in. So make sure to do some research for the safest holiday outcome possible. 

Recipes for you to make for your fur friend. 

Peanut Butter dog treats- https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/133123/peanut-butter-and-pumpkin-dog-treats/

Pumpkin dog treats- 


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