Rooted in the concept of giving. Our purpose is to find loving homes for homeless fur babies, American Pet Place is all about styling your pet in the coolest, fashionably fun accessories while inspiring adoption of those who continue to wait in shelters.

Here’s how it works: In addition to donating a portion of every sale towards medicine and food for these sweet animals, they will be featured and mentioned in our social media campaigns and newsletters to help inspire adoptions. I’d also like to work with some of the shelter dogs as models in American Pet Place product photoshoots so we can feature them to help them get adopted. You’ll see them sporting trendy, irresistible accessories you won’t find elsewhere. They’ll be rollicking in the coolest pet carriers, blankets and beds. We guarantee – you’ll want to adopt them.

The very soul of American Pet Place was born the day we brought our Toby home, a small maltipoo that changed our lives forever.  From the moment we got him we were in love.  I know he was happy, but we were happier because he brought us so much joy.  He made us better humans and because of that, we want all animals to be as happy as Toby has made us.

Thinking how incredible he is and how much love and happiness he has given us, I felt it necessary to try to get homeless dogs and cats a loving home like we have given Toby. 

Join us as we strive for that goal, and provide the care they deserve to be happy and thrive.


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